Thursday 11 May 2017

Baby's sleep statistics

Here are a few graphs, made in octave, of the development of our baby's sleep in recent months.
(see my earlier post for details about _how_ the data were collected)

  1. Falling to sleep typically varies around 0-60 minutes.
    Here, we are not including the bed-time routine of food, bath, soft music, turn lights down, pyjamas, etc. So here is an estimate of the time from first trying to put the baby down in the cot until asleep (i.e. no major movements). 
  2. Bedtime varies between 7 and 10pm, but clearly depends a lot when us parents chose to try to put the baby to sleep (hence there being many nights just after 8pm).
  3. Wake-up time varies between 5 and 8am.
    Again, is the baby wakes before 5am, we try hard to put her back to sleep - hence nothing before 5am.
  4. Sleep duration varies between 8 and 12 hours per night.
  5. The number of wakes per night varies between about 0 and 8.
    Yes, the baby sometimes sleeps _all night_ without waking.